Voxeyes - See your doctor online

directly via your own healthcare center.

An inclusive digital tool for all patientgroups.

Voxeyes is a comprehensive video solution which makes it possible for healthcare providers and patients to meet online in a digital video call. The solution is specifically developed for including patients that have difficulties communicating with healthcare professionals because of language, hearing-, speech- or visual impairment. The technology was produced using tried and tested platforms in cooperation with doctors whom have many years of experience within the medical field.

Through Voxeyes your patients can meet their own doctors using their computer, mobile device or tablet. No matter where they are, the patient can visit their own healthcare center, which have access to the patients journal, list of medications, diagnosis history and receive the necessary quality care that can be expected. Anything to ensure patient confidentiality and security.

All communication is conducted safely with encryption in order to have a secure healthcare contact. Information is handled in accordance with PDL and GDPR.


Voxeyes is accessible to all patientgroups.


Connect a language interpreter or a sign-language interpreter at your patients request

Multi-party calls

Videocalls with support for up to 6 simultaneous parties, with a clear chat function

Artifical intelligence

Supports TERA, adapted for T4 communication (speech to text & text to speech)

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