Tudorkliniken and Voxeyes

Starting the 1st of January 2018, it is possible to reach Tudorkliniken in Halmstad via online video calls, using the Voxeyes platform. This unique cooperation has created a greater possibility of reaching Tudorkliniken as they now not only can be reached by the hearing world, but also by deaf, speech- and hearing impaired, deaf-blind as well as by patients whom have difficulties with the language. This by utilizing several things which make the Voxeyes platform truly unique, such as; the possibility of multi-party calls, access to sign-language and language interpreters, compatibility with TERA which enables text to be automatically translated to sound and vice versa.

At Voxeyes, we strive for real simplicity and availability, without cutting out or disregarding any patientgroups. In our cooperations we always ensure that the healthcare providers have the same visions as we do, in other words, the willingness to ensure that healthcare is available for everyone no matter which prerequisites the individual person has. A video call should be just as simple as a physical one, if not simpler!

Since are launch date, we’ve received more and more incoming calls, and more patients are declaring their appreciation for being able to reach their healthcare provider using the Voxeyes platform. Not only that, but for the first time people whom are deaf, speech-/hearing impaired or even deaf-blind can reach a healthcare center to have access to the same healthcare as everyone else. Real equal care for everybody!


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