Visit your doctor online

via webbrowser, smartphone or tablet

Digital doctor visits directly via your own healthcare center.

  • Works no matter which language- or communication difficulty.

  • Connected to your own healthcare provider.

  • Secure communication with encryption, for a safe healthcare contact.

  • Information handled in accordance with PDL and GDPR.

Integrating Voxeyes into your organisation is simple.

Making a video call to an doctor online should be as simple for the patient as visiting their doctor physically at the healthcare center, with Voxeyes you can offer your patients digital visits directy to your own doctors at the center. We will help you get started with a few simple steps:


When we first meet we will brief you on how Voxeyes can be implemented and function optimally within your organisation. Together, we'll create a blue-print and a plan for application, ensuring what type of criterias you wish to fulfill, as well as a time frame for when the plan can be fully applied.


During the installation of Voxeyes at your workplace, we will educate key-individuals whom in turn can further educate other staff at your workplace. It is important that all staff members at the place of work has full insight into how the doctors visit online works, in order to be able to properly guide patients. We will also conduct a series of tests to ensure that Voxeyes works properly and that the adjustments that you've requested have been created according to your guidelines.

Let get started

With everything in place there is just one thing left to do, get started! You can now start receiving your patients via online video calls, without any delays or difficulties. By choosing Voxeyes as your video communication platform you have made a conscious choice, to treat all patients that wish to reach your healthcare center equally, without any reservations because of communication difficulties.

Increase availability

-for both patients and staff

Under your own brand

-patient security and quality care

Free installation

-assistance on site during start-up or via video call

Free support

-contact us, we'll help you get started!