Call us via Voxeyes

It is easy to get in touch with a doctor via Voxeyes digital solution.

With Voxeyes, your healthcare center will be able to offer online visits to all your patients, speficially developed for those whom have difficulties communicating with healthcare staff because of language difficulties, hearing-, speech- or visual impairment. All the patient needs is a smartphone, a tablet or a computer.

1. If the patient is using a computer, click on the icon/video link on the healthcare centers own website and follow the instructions. Be sure to allow camera and microphone access (works with Google Chrome and Firefox).

2. If the patient is using a smartphone, download the Voxeyes app via the Appstore or Google Play.

3. Now you are ready to get in touch with your healthcare provider via the computer or using the app.

4. On the screen, the patient will be greeted by a nurse whom will book a time with one of the healthcare centers on board-certified doctors.

5. The patient identifies themself in the same way as they would when visiting a healthcare center physically, by presenting a valid form of identification to the nurse during the video call.

6. After the online visit with the doctor, the patient will be charged the necessary fees for the appointment. Freecard does apply, and the visit is of no charge to all people under the age of 20, or over the age of 85.


Sign-language interpreter, language interpreter and chat can be utilized during the call at the patients request.


Download Voxeyes app.


Download the compatible webbrowser

Voxeyes is perfect for the follow-up visit or if a patient suffers from one of the following:











Period pain


Cold sores

Nasal congestion

Sore throat

Pollen allergies

Red eyes

Abdominal distress

Urinary tract disorders

Motion sickness

Follow-up visits