Tried and tested technology in cooperation

with doctors, with many years of experience

Accessible healthcare for everyone.

Voxeyes was developed simply because we mean that the digital healthcare, much like the physical one, should be available for everyone, regardless of age, language difficulties, hearing- or speaking impairments. No patient should have to feel left out, or have to wait longer than anyone else in order to have access to the healthcare you need no matter if it is being provided by a physical visit at a healthcare center, or via an online video call.

The Voxeyes team.

The team behind Voxeyes digital videoplatform is a unique combination of medical specialists, nurses and video communications experts with many years of experience within their respective field of work. Together, through our varied professions and vocational experience, we've formed a unified vision of what healthcare on equal terms means. There were already several different alternatives on the market but we felt that the availability was lacking - one solution which included all patients no matter which category these are in. We took our vision and the rigorous standards that exist within the healthcare sector and built a digital video platform which was adapted for all patientgroups, no matter their means of communication.

Technology which enables digital healthcare for all patientgroups.

Voxeyes ensures that the healthcare provider offers digital video calls that are available to all patientgroups, with the possibility of multi-party calls as well as interpreters for sign- and language interpretation. Voxeyes also supports T-Meetings TERA, which enables communication between doctors and patients which have speech- or hearing impairments, and without connecting a sign-language interpreter.

Voxeyes believes in inclusive healthcare for everyone.

We believe in totally equal treatment for all patients, and so does Voxeyes partners. We are working daily with spreading knowledge about Voxeyes, as today it is the only platform for video calls which truly includes all patientgroups.